On the shores of (in)justice

On the shores of (in)justice

Attaining zero target on border killing

Killing of civilians along the Bangladesh-India border by India’s Border Security Force (BSF) has plagued the bilateral relations between the two countries for decades.

Vital yet vulnerable

Near absence of an affordable and accessible healthcare arrangement in the Gulf states has led many workers to rely on self-medication, often consuming expired medicines brought from home by themselves and their peers.

Was it really about 'protecting the interest of the child'?

As the government came under international scrutiny for curtailing freedom of expression, the question of child exploitation became the rallying point.

Poritosh Sarkar’s Orwellian Experience

The most egregious breach of law in Poritosh’s case was when he was placed in solitary confinement.

Who will defend our public property defenders?

Over the past month, journalists and activists have been subjected to an amplified scale of threats, intimidation, and incarceration at the hands of powerful group.

Ordinary citizens’ vulnerability to custodial torture

The police’s heavy-handed approach in dispersing a crowd that was peacefully protesting the price hike of a medical service has appalled citizens.

The perils of protecting the image

Enhancing the country’s image entails making tangible and dedicated efforts to address its problems.

Freedom of Assembly: A right under siege

The right to hold peaceful assembly is under severe constraints in Bangladesh.

Robbed wages, stolen livelihoods

Migrant workers are systematically robbed of their wages and due entitlements in host countries.

Is the Data Protection Act an extension of DSA?

Over the past several months, efforts have been afoot to frame a data protection law in Bangladesh.

Left to fend for themselves

The health vulnerability of migrant workers has thus far received scant attention in policy discourses.

Sumon Sheikh's custodial death: Too many questions unanswered

It is unfortunate that custodial torture continues to be pervasive in Bangladesh, which has enacted the Torture and Custodial Death (Prohibition) Act, 2013.

Don’t ‘criminals’ have the right to access justice?

It is mind-boggling that, by claiming that all those killed at the border “are criminals,” the head of BSF has acknowledged that his force has concurrently arrogated the roles of petitioner, judge, jury, and executioner.

How long will we ignore what's happening in police custody?

Over the years, there has been rising concern about the 'systemic nature' of custodial torture and deaths in Bangladesh.

Syndicates in migration: Re-accessing the Malaysian labour market

Is a nexus of a few Bangladeshi recruitment agencies and a powerful segment of the human resources ministry in Malaysia trying to impose unfair and unethical conditions on the long-awaited reopening of the Malaysian labour market?

Return of enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killing?

It was a sombre occasion at the Dhaka Reporters Unity premises on April 30.

How can we stop migrant workers’ deaths abroad?

Shobuj, a young man from Tangail, in his late twenties, was reluctant to comply with his supervisor’s instruction to enter a sewage pipe for maintenance work without an oxygen cylinder.

Impropriety, Irregularity and Impunity

After seven long days, the 28 protesting students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) ended their hunger strike, bringing relief to their loved ones and fellow protesters.