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Down on the Biden economy

Why do voters give Biden’s economy a lousy 36 percent approval rating?

2d ago

India’s lunar triumph

Indians are proud of their space program, for good reason.

2w ago

Inequality and democracy

Should we be surprised that so many people view the growing concentration of wealth with suspicion, or that they believe the system is rigged?

3w ago

Israel’s moment of reckoning is long overdue

For decades, Israel has tried to manage the conflict, only to be managed by it.

The debt supercycle comes to China

Could the debt woes of Country Garden, the behemoth Chinese real-estate developer now facing billions of dollars in losses, augur the cycle’s next turn?

The real cost of de-dollarisation

The dollar’s uncontested reign is coming to an end, with far-reaching global economic consequences.

Good governance is a bad idea

The good governance agenda has lost its label, but it lives on, and it has become an existential threat.

A way to finance childhood growth

Too poor to affect grain prices in global markets, the chronically hungry are economically invisible.

Governing a post-Western world

The West’s problems are no longer the world’s problems

Winning the fight for women’s land rights

While the world enjoys the fruits of their labour, they often have no say or control over the land they work.

The US and India’s non-aligned alliance

Modi's recent visit to Washington appears to mark a new chapter in the India-US relationship.

Understanding Biden’s big bet on India

The unprecedented lovefest between India and the United States has been striking and, frankly, puzzling.

Without whistleblowers, the West is lost

We need people like Assange to force such reckonings – to make us see “those in the darkness.”

The Modi Decade

Dissent is framed as disloyalty, with criticism of government policies labeled “anti-national.”

No confidence in the Fed

The aftershocks of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), while seemingly fading, are still reverberating around the world.

Mass tech layoffs: The war for talent is over

As interest rates rise and growth slows, Silicon Valley bosses have begun to reclaim power from workers by slashing perks and initiating massive layoffs.

Amongst so many global crises, the very concept of development requires rethinking

Challenges that are fundamentally transnational or global in nature are driving the biggest shifts in development policy.

India’s democracy in detention

What happens to Gandhi has important implications for India’s future.