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The show trial of Arundhati Roy

Roy’s case risks showcasing all the most unattractive features of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

5d ago

Why Macronism Failed

Legend has it that the first question Napoleon would ask about a military officer was not whether he was talented, but whether he was lucky.

1w ago

Project Syndicate / Assange is free, but are we?

I fought for years with and for Julian Assange. In what sense are we who breathe the fresh air outside prisons still free?

2w ago

Project Syndicate / The spectre of neo-fascism is haunting Europe

If enough people despair of emancipatory politics and accept the withdrawal into buffoonery, the political space for neo-fascism widens.

3w ago

Europe must fight the far-right surge

Far-right populist parties performed exceptionally well in the European Parliament elections, finishing first in France, Italy, and three other countries.

1m ago

The Indian election’s winners and losers

Just as the BJP’s victory represents a kind of defeat, the resurgent opposition’s defeat looks a lot like victory

1m ago

Protests of despair

Today’s anti-war protests are but a desperate plea simply to stop the killing of Palestinians in Gaza.

1m ago

Does Pakistan still matter to India?

India could not always afford to ignore Pakistan, which was long a source of terrorism directed at India.

2m ago

Will Boeing crash shareholder value?

There is a fundamental problem with how Boeing is being run.

2m ago

No barbarism without poetry

If our world is becoming full of poets and executioners, we need more judges and thinkers to counter the new tendency.

3m ago

Nato is not a hegemonic burden

Why is US paying twice as much as the average Nato ally when it is geographically removed from all major conflict zones?

3m ago

Indian democracy’s moment of truth

Once admired for its commitment to pluralism, India no longer stands out as a model democracy.

4m ago

What fundamentalist Christians see in Trump

Now that Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, it seems fitting to address a source of perplexity that has persisted ever since he arrived on the political scene: how can the US’ fundamentalist Christians be so enthusiastic about so thoroughly un-Christian a politician?

4m ago

Economics is irredeemably sexist

Economics has an intractable “women problem.”

4m ago

Why China won’t fight the Houthis

The current turmoil in the Middle East is not bad news for China.

4m ago

Judgment days for democracy

To survive this period of populist assaults on the democratic order, courts will need to embrace their proper role as arbiters of justice.

4m ago

The Trump Effect Takes Europe

Perhaps Trump’s biggest contribution has been to Europe’s political unity.

4m ago

‘Russia has my blood’

Alexei Navalny in an interview with Dozhd TV in October 2020, two months after he was poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent.

4m ago
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