Understanding the concepts of adaptation and loss and damage

What we called mitigation before is now better described as averting or avoiding loss and damage

Bangladesh doesn’t need new pilot projects to tackle climate change

Bangladesh has all the data needed to take the programmatic approach to tackle climate change.

A fresh climate change accord between Bangladesh and the UK

Such strategic funding would not only benefit Bangladesh but also the UK, and indeed many other countries as well.

A new coalition to address loss and damage emerges

These actors are addressing losses and damages from human-induced climate change now.

Turning Bangladesh into a knowledge-based economy

Bangladesh must invest wisely in training our young girls and boys to become the knowledge workers of the future.

Vanuatu emerges as global climate champion

Recently, Vanuatu prepared a resolution for the upcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, US.

The whos and hows of allocating loss and damage funds

The estimates of the total losses and damages run into many trillions of US dollars.

Reflections on the climate change actions of 2022

2023 is going to be much more challenging in terms of the actual impacts of climate change in Bangladesh and around the world

Bangladesh takes another step in leading global climate adaptation

On December 11, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally launched the new Global Hub on Locally Led Adaptation (LLA) in Dhaka.

What Bangladesh must do now as a global climate leader

We have an opportunity to lead the other LDCs by taking forward the proposal to set up a National Mechanism for Loss and Damage (NMLD).

The story behind the loss and damage fund at COP27

The historic fund for loss and damage is the result of many years of labour

Forget COP27, the youth should hold an 'Accountability COP'

There is a great need for an annual “Accountability COP” to hold those who have pledged to act against climate change to account.

Finance for loss and damage from climate change must be ensured soon

The issue of finance for helping the victims of human-induced climate change has now become the most urgent climate issue.

100 billion to tackle climate change is a trillion too short

A decade ago, developed countries pledged to provide developing countries with USD 100 billion each year, from 2020 onwards.

Time to Focus on the Global Goal on Adaptation

During the negotiations that led to the historic Paris Agreement at the 21st UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in 2015, the climate

Climate action: We’re running out of time

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a United Nations (UN) body set up to commission major assessments of the state of science on climate change and issue their assessment report every five or so years.