New monetary policy is appropriate in direction, but inadequate in dosage

Why this behind-the-curve approach to fighting inflation?

3w ago

Why our balance of payments won’t balance out post-election

With the facade of the elections at its height, prevailing financial issues seem to have faded into the background.

A faulty tax policy equals a dehydrated housing sector

Under the Income Tax Act, 2023, the 'gain' tax on plots, flats and commercial establishments has doubled and redoubled.

Opinion / Rising risky loans and the talent of making excuses

The actual share of NPLs in total loans would have crossed 20 percent had BB not loosened the definition.

Surging government borrowing portrays a grim future

Recent trends seem to care too little about the wise art of deficit financing.

Monetary policy has been set free... but not really

While the government’s latest monetary policy for the first half of fiscal year 2023-24 shows an attempt to be rational for the market, it lacks vigour to solve inflation and the dollar crisis.

National Budget 2023-24: Of sweet accounting and sour economics

If we choose only 10 commodities and measure inflation, the figure will land at no less than 20 percent.

The nation expects brevity and sobriety in the budget

Understanding the nation’s expectations in designing the budget for FY2024 is essential

What's so wrong with hundi?

The central bank’s deviation from the policy commitment is the main reason why hundi-makers mushroomed at home and abroad.

Bangladesh Bank policies have begun to work

Bangladesh, which has been going through financial difficulties for several months now, can finally see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

New Bangladesh Bank governor’s message to our banking industry

The new governor of Bangladesh Bank (BB) has heralded robust messages to the country’s banking and financial industry.

What made the dollar crisis worse?

One dollar now costs almost Tk 100. The taka has been losing its value against the US dollar for months, with no signs of it changing.

The corona-clenched economy: Changes and policies

Alan Greenspan, who led the US Federal Reserve for two decades, was summoned in congress and testified that the financial crisis of 2008-2009 was an economic tsunami which could happen once in a century.

Time to reform the finance ministry for robust growth

It is hard to achieve a growth of around 8 percent, and it will be even harder to maintain this trend unless we reform our ministry of finance (MOF) to steer the economy in the right direction. An MOF is usually the chief conductor of the orchestra of a country’s

Budget FY2019-20: New directions, old roads

This is the first time we noticed a prominent leader of the opposition using an appropriate word, “ambitious”, to describe the budget, instead of branding it as “anti-people.” This is a good sign because the first budget for a new finance minister should be forward-looking.

A note on re-fixing interest rates on Sanchayapatra

Finally, the government has decided to re-fix interest rates on National Saving Certificates (NSCs) or Sanchayapatra. Hopefully, it will

Quota issue from an economic perspective

Truth shall prevail against lies and falsehood. And economic truths are often ruthless.

Crisis of skills and soaring unemployment

The recent quota movement, which was somehow quelled defying the logic of merit-based competition and fundamentals of a market economy, portrays a pathetic lack of skills among the youth of our nation.

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