Opinion / How can Bangladesh manage its external debt?

The mounting debt servicing obligations also threaten to exacerbate the strain on the country’s low foreign exchange reserves.

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Why is WTO’s 13th Ministerial Conference important for Bangladesh?

It is especially important now as Bangladesh is set to graduate from its LDC status and become a developing country by 2026.

Opinion / Time for exporters to shed the cocoon of cash incentives

In light of the upcoming LDC graduation, exporters need to proactively prepare for changes.

The biggest risks facing our world in 2024

The findings of the WEF’s latest Global Risks Report are quite relevant to Bangladesh

What to expect from Bangladesh economy in 2024

The year 2023 was indeed one of the most difficult ones in the recent history of Bangladesh in terms of economic performance.

What's stopping RMG workers from getting higher wages?

Unless a holistic approach is taken, the sector will continue to fall short of international standards.

Opinion / Should the BRICS exclusion disappoint Bangladesh?

Bangladesh’s interest in BRICS arises from various factors.

The new tariff policy may help increase competitiveness

It may be considered a step towards Bangladesh’s attempt to diversify exports, attract foreign investment, sign free trade agreements, and ultimately enhance economic progress.

Is Bangladesh ready to face a global food crisis?

We now face the real risk of massive hunger and famine.

Two major economic woes Bangladesh needs to address right now

High inflation and low export and remittance earnings are a major cause for concern at the moment.

Significance of BIMSTEC during turbulent times

BIMSTEC countries have the potential for benefiting mutually and contributing to the global economy.

South Asian nations need a collective plan to tackle climate change

Given the nature of climate-induced problems faced by the countries in South Asia, policymakers should undertake both adaptation and mitigation measures.

PM Hasina’s India visit: Will our expectations be met?

The Bangladesh-India relationship covers a wide range of sectors

Here's how we can beat the heat waves

The world is feeling the scorching heat this summer, with heat waves sweeping across several countries in Europe and Asia.

How effective will the Bangladesh Bank's new monetary policy be?

The Bangladesh Bank (BB) has revealed its Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) for the period of July-December 2022 at a time when the country, and the world, is going through tough economic challenges.

How can the WTO help its ‘weaker’ members?

The 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) finally took place during June 12-16, 2022 after being cancelled twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The MC12 was held at a time of unprecedented global economic downturn.

Budget 2022-23: Inflationary concerns not addressed adequately

If one looks at the inflationary measures that are proposed in the FY2022-23 budget, there are ample reasons to be frustrated.

Issues that should be in focus in budget 2022-23

The finance minister of Bangladesh is scheduled to place the national budget for 2022-23 fiscal year at parliament on June 9.

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