Book Review

Book Review

Applauding Bangladesh’s remarkable health achievements

A review of a monumental book of great importance, titled '50 Years of Bangladesh: Advances in Health.'

Two storms and a nation’s birth

The Vortex is a collage of selfless acts to help victims of the Bhola cyclone and the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971.

Understanding Dhaka’s urbanism

A review of 'Dhaka Delirium,' a collection of essays by Adnan Z Morshed.

The ongoing economic peril and our plundered future

'Lunthito Bhabishyat: Bangladesher Arthanoitik Shonkoter Chalchitra' gives an overview of Bangladesh's current economic crisis.

Paradoxes of terrorism in Bangladesh

'The Politics of Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Bangladesh' contains insightful and critical analyses.

DS Books Author Series / London’s 17th-century plague and our global pandemic

Art has always been both a mirror of and a balm for human experience through disaster. In this short series, an author of Daily Star Books—our book publishing imprint—will periodically explore a facet of this link between literature and our ongoing battle with Covid-19.

A simple, straightforward reading of South Asian history

Dr Nurul Islam has been a towering presence in the intellectual landscape of Bangladesh. He has graduate degrees from Harvard, and held prestigious fellowships at Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Yale and the Netherland School of Economics, was Professor and Chair of Economics at Dhaka University, and the author of about 29 books of some scholarly heft and influence.

Charting Bangladesh’s economic growth

The recently published book Bangladesh’s Road to Long-term Economic Prosperity, written by Professor MG Quibria, is a precise, concise and fairly down-to-earth presentation of the story of Bangladesh’s development from its birth to the present.