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The stakes are too high for the world to fail Palestine

Realising the stakes of the failure to address the current Gaza genocide, millions of people have been coming to the streets to protest.

5d ago

Death of Bangladeshi youths in the US: When violence hits home

The police killings of Win Rozario and Sayed Faisal, Bangladeshi American youth, have put the role of law enforcers under great scrutiny.

1w ago

Trump, now a felon, presents huge political challenge

Say what you will about former US President Donald Trump, but give him his due.

2w ago

India’s election opens the door to the past

India witnessed a tumultuous time between May 1996 and October 1999 when coalition governments came and left in quick succession.

2w ago

Rafah on fire: Is the cult of the US and Israel above international law?

The world is now slowly opening its eyes to the genocide in Gaza, coming to terms with the need for Israel's accountability.

3w ago

All eyes on Rafah: Where are the red lines?

The videos emerging from Rafah show how far the world and humanity has rotted in the past eight months.

4w ago

Biden-Netanyahu standoff complicates the Gaza conflict

The Israeli prime minister believes he can face off with the US president.

1m ago

We are not just bystanders in the colonial space

The optics of visible solidarity for Palestine is important because it shows that the world is witnessing and recording this blatant act of outright dehumanisation.

1m ago

Why would Aaron Bushnell do something this extreme?

The fire that killed Airman Bushnell was simply the collateral damage of the ongoing conflagration in Palestine

3m ago

Comparing external debt burdens: Sri Lanka and middle-income countries

Sri Lanka’s rising debt levels may pose challenges

3m ago

A devastating act of reason

US airman dies after setting self on fire outside an Israeli embassy

3m ago

A dangerous moment for US hegemony

If the US has been letting Israel subvert its policies for decades, what has changed since October 7, 2023 that will allow it now to stand up to Israel’s bullying?

3m ago

Blood, oil, and sand: The US' colonisation of Iraq

What are US troops doing in Iraq in the first place? And do they have a right to be there?

4m ago

‘Russia has my blood’

Alexei Navalny in an interview with Dozhd TV in October 2020, two months after he was poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent.

4m ago

Gaza, guns, and capitalism

The US government cannot go against gun factory owners.

4m ago

Putin’s interview and the West’s extraordinary outrage

The media’s job to interview geopolitical adversaries.

4m ago

The colour of war?

Today’s Red Sea skirmishes raise multifaceted concerns, which range from the war in Gaza widening and awakening old wounds, to geopolitical frontlines being rewritten by shifting chokepoints.

4m ago

Ranking the 5 ‘dirtiest’ elections in Pakistan history

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the unfairest of them all?

4m ago
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