Nike introduces shoes that your phone can tie

The Nike Adapt BB basketball shoe. Photo: AFP Relaxnews

Nike has unveiled a set of self-lacing kicks that you can tighten with your smartphone.

Futuristic tech inspired by “Back To The Future” is coming to reality every day, and today, it's the trainers. Though Nike did create a nearly-identical pair to those from the 1980s film for charity back in 2016 (and have created other, less practical self-lacing options over the years), the set that was revealed Jan 15 is targeted at the athlete.

Specifically, because the feet of athletes can change over the course of a performance, a shoe could feel too tight after just a couple minutes of play. Instead of letting players endure the hassle of having to bend down to retie their shoes during gameplay, Nike created Nike Adapt, "a platform that creates a truly custom fit by combining an advanced power-lacing system, an app and continually updated firmware" which you can see in action in the Nike Adapt BB basketball shoe.

When a foot is placed into shoes equipped with Adapt BB, the platform "senses" what it needs and adjusts the laces accordingly for a snug and comfortable fit. Furthermore, through a FitAdapt system, wearers can choose from a variety of fit types either by manual touch on the shoe or via a smartphone where custom fits can be programmed.

Thanks to this FitAdapt system, the platform has the potential to be continuously updated, "providing new digital services over time". The company intends to expand the technology to other sports and lifestyle products.

The shoes go on sale globally Feb 17 for US$350 (RM1,438).


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