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Goat getting on zebra’s back going to Bremen Town?

A markhor wild goat doeling perches on a zebra’s back at Izu Animal Kindom, in Higashiizu, Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan, on Monday, January, 21, 2019. Image taken from The Japan News/ ANN

A markhor wild goat doeling at Izu Animal Kingdom in Higashiizu, Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan, has been entertaining zoo visitors by jumping onto a zebra's back, evoking similarities to the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The Musicians of Bremen Town."

The markhor, named Kinako, was born last May. According to the zoo, the doeling started jumping onto the back of the zebra, which was reared with her, around the end of the last year.

To get up on the zebra's back, the energetic markhor has to jump more than 1 meter, and usually does so after she gets tired of eating grass.

The zebra meanwhile hasn't seemed to mind, and will usually carry on eating despite having a passenger.

"She [the markhor] seems to jump up there as way to play," said a zoo official.

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