Doors to Italy to remain open

Job applications can be submitted from Jan 27, says circular

Bangladeshis will continue to have the opportunity of applying for employment in Italy through the legal process as seasonal and non-seasonal workers in various sectors.

The Italian government allowed hiring workers from Bangladesh both in "seasonal" and "non-seasonal" categories from 2020, after an eight-year embargo.

As per a circular issued by Bangladesh embassy in Rome on Tuesday, this year, Italy will issue 69,700 visas for 31 non-European Union countries including Bangladesh.

Of those, 42,000 are seasonal and 27,700 non-seasonal visas.

Those seeking work will be able to submit applications between January 27 and March 17.

Arfanul Haque, labour welfare counsellor at the embassy, yesterday said this year, Bangladeshis can obtain jobs in agriculture and hospitality sectors as both seasonal and non-seasonal workers.

Besides, there are opportunities for lorry drivers and construction workers under the non-seasonal category, he said over phone.

The Italian government had withdrawn this opportunity for Bangladesh, as Bangladeshi farm workers violated conditions of Italy's programme by not returning home after terms of their seasonal work ended.

According to the embassy circular, the validity of seasonal visas is nine months and non-seasonal visas two years. Non-seasonal visa holders will have the option for renewal.

The circular says to recruit a worker, an employer living in Italy has to apply via a designated email to Prefettura, a local government body, mentioning details of the potential migrant worker, to get a no-objection certificate.

Once the employer gets the permission, they will send it to the potential migrant in Bangladesh. Later, the migrant has to apply for a visa at the Italian embassy in Dhaka along with the no-objection certificate, and then sign a work permit after reaching Italy.


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