Skilled migration & more

Skilled migration & more

Workers in Maldives: 47pc don’t get promised wages

Around 47 percent Bangladeshi migrant workers in the Maldives do not receive the wages promised to them, according to a recent study.

Recruitment to Malaysia: Still marred by irregularities

Recruitment of new Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia has been tainted by a number of irregularities, with a few dozen workers falling into trouble, which includes joblessness.

UAE expresses interest to recruit more skilled migrant workers

During the meeting, the gulf country showed interest in hiring professionals, technologists, nurses and caregivers from Bangladesh

Skill factor hinders rise in remittance

Despite sending well over a million migrants abroad last year, Bangladesh is unlikely to get the desired remittance from them as almost four out of five of them were less skilled.

Labour hiring in Malaysia / Bangladesh calls for ensuring transparency

Bangladesh High Commissioner to Malaysia Md Golam Sarwar has called for ensuring transparency in the recruitment process of workers from Bangladesh to Malaysia

Labour migration to see 82pc increase

With over 10.29 lakh migrant workers going abroad till November, overseas employment this year is likely to see nearly an 82 percent increase compared to last year, says a new report by Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU).

KL to take 10k workers under G2G system

The Malaysian government has made a new move to hire Bangladeshi workers under a government-to-government arrangement as the

Moldovaian visa issued to 28 Bangladeshi workers in 1st phase: Momen

After long negotiations with different stakeholders in Moldova, they have agreed to recruit Bangladeshi workers.

Fiji to hire more workers from Bangladesh

Fiji has emerged as a potential destination for Bangladeshi migrant workers with job opportunities opening up for foreign workers in various sectors including construction, garment and agriculture.

573 workers left for Malaysia in August

As many as 573 migrant workers have gone to Malaysia for employment in August, shows latest data of Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training.

Ethnic minorities to get jobs in Korea

Persons belonging to ethnic minority communities in Bangladesh will be getting employment opportunities as “seasonal” workers in South Korea’s agriculture and fisheries sectors.

With 53 Bangladeshi workers reaching Malaysia, labour market reopens after 3 years

The first batch of 53 workers reached Malaysia this morning (August 9, 2022) as the nation’s labour market resumed recruiting Bangladeshi workers after more than three years of suspension.

53 workers left for Malaysia as labour market opens after 3 years

A total of 53 workers left for Malaysia last night (August 8, 2022) as the nation's labour market was opened to Bangladesh since it ceased accepting workers in 2019.

It’s unfair, unethical

Allowing selected number of recruiting agencies to send migrant workers to Malaysia is not “fair and ethical”, Jatiya Party Secretary General Mujibul Haque Chunnu said yesterday.

Why only 25 agencies allowed to hire migrant workers for Malaysia?

Bangaldeshi migrant workers haven’t been able to go to Kuala Lumpur due to allegations of irregularities. After so many years, the possibility of immigration is opening up again, but why is the process being questioned over same allegations?

Recruit skilled male workers in RMG sector: Expatriates' minister urges Jordan

Expatriates Welfare Minister Imran Ahmad today (May 15, 2022) called upon the Jordan government to consider recruiting skilled male migrant workers alongside females from Bangladesh in the Middle Eastern country’s garment sector.

Provide them with language skills training

Female migrant workers should be provided with sufficient skills training, including learning the host country’s language for their empowerment and safety in receiving countries, said speakers at a workshop yesterday.

Don’t repeat syndication

Both Bangladesh and Malaysia governments should avert repeating past occurrences, including “syndication”, that led to the closure of the