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North America

Nathaniel Veltman, accused of murdering Canadian Muslim family, to face terrorism charges

A Canadian man who is accused of deliberately running over a Muslim family with his truck, killing four of them, now faces terrorism charges in addition to those for murder, prosecutors said on Monday.

20 killed as Mexico City rail overpass collapses

Twenty people were killed, including children, and 49 were hospitalised when a railway overpass collapsed onto a busy road in Mexico City on Monday night.

Mexican president defends 10-foot barriers to wall off women protesters

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador today said a metallic barrier to wall off the presidential palace ahead of a planned women’s march on International Women’s Day was to avoid provocation and protect historic buildings from vandalism.

Canada's parliament passes motion saying China's treatment of Uighurs is genocide

Canada’s parliament passed a non-binding motion on Monday saying China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region constitutes genocide, putting pressure on Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to follow suit.

Three Bangladeshi students die in Canada road crash

Three students from Bangladesh died yesterday morning in a car crash south of Arborg, Manitoba in Canada, reports CBC News Canada.

Mexico’s president says he’s tested positive for COVID-19

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Sunday he has tested positive for COVID-19 and that the symptoms are mild.

A new chapter opens in US politics: Vice-president Harris

Vice-president Kamala Harris broke the barrier Wednesday that has kept men at the top ranks of American power for more than two centuries when she took the oath to hold the nation’s second-highest office.

Biden sworn in as US president, takes helm of deeply divided nation

Democrat Joe Biden is sworn in as president of the United States, assuming the helm of a country reeling from deep political divides, a battered economy and a raging coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 400,000 Americans.

Tensions rise among supporters

Backers of President Donald Trump, some carrying guns, ramped up demonstrations on Thursday night against what he has baselessly called a rigged election, in battleground states where votes were still being counted.

Americans reject Trump’s victory claims

A bipartisan majority of Americans do not accept Trump’s premature victory declaration in the US presidential election and most are willing to wait for all votes to be counted before deciding who won, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll.

Not ‘a one-man show’

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Friday urged both sides in the US election to show restraint until the results were available, adding it was irresponsible to aggravate tensions.

Win or lose, Trumpism stronger than ever

The US presidential election is still up in the air, but one thing is for certain: the movement created by Donald Trump is alive and well, and more solid than pundits expected.

NY Times profit beats estimates

The New York Times reported better-than-expected results on Thursday as revenue from digital-only sign-ups surpassed print subscription revenue for the first time in a quarter dominated by news related to the Covid-19 pandemic and the US presidential election.

‘Count Every Vote’

Police in Portland declared riots, arrested 11 people and seized fireworks, hammers and a rifle, as Oregon Governor Kate Brown activated the National Guard in response to protests on the night after voting in the US presidential election.

‘Stop the steal!’

A crowd of Donald Trump supporters, some armed with rifles and handguns, gathered outside an election center in Arizona on Wednesday night after unsubstantiated rumors that votes for the Republican president were deliberately not being counted.

Battleground states

Arizona (Electoral votes 11) Biden 50.5% Trump 48.1%

Could courts again decide US election?

While President Donald Trump wants the US Supreme Court to weigh in on a presidential race that is still too close to call, it may not be the final arbiter in this election, legal experts said, adding it might not also prevent states declaring a winner.

US formally exits Paris climate pact

The United States formally exited the Paris Agreement yesterday, fulfilling an old promise by President Donald Trump to withdraw the world’s second-largest greenhouse gas emitter from the global pact to fight climate change.

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