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  • ‘Heirs of foolish fortune tellers’

    US President Donald Trump yesterday assailed environmental “prophets of doom”, delivering an uncompromising message in Davos after Swedish teenage campaigner Greta Thunberg slammed government inaction on the climate crisis.

  • 4 killed in family shooting in Utah suburb

    Four members of a family are killed and one is injured in a shooting in a Salt Lake City suburb.

  • Time running out on S Korea, US talks: envoy

    Washington has compromised in its demands that South Korea should pay billions of dollars towards US troop presence and it was Seoul’s turn to reciprocate before time ran out, the American ambassador said yesterday.

  • US indicts five for running network

    Five men have been indicted in the United States for allegedly running an international network that purchased US products for Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program.

  • White House violated law on Ukraine aid

    The White House budget office “violated the law” by freezing military aid to put political pressure on Ukraine’s government, a US congressional watchdog announced yesterday as President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial looms.

  • US resumes joint military operations in Iraq

    The United States on Wednesday resumed joint military operations with Iraq that had been put on pause after the US drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad, the New York Times reported.

  • US slaps sanctions over N Korea workers

    The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on two companies for exploiting North Korean overseas labor but joined allies Japan and South Korea in appealing for diplomacy to ease tensions with Pyongyang.

  • 1,000 preparing new US-bound caravan

    Close to 1,000 people have gathered in Honduras’ second city forming a migrant caravan that will soon head for the United States, a human rights activist told AFP.

  • Delta jet dumps fuel on US school playground

    A Delta airliner experiencing mechanical trouble on Tuesday dumped jet fuel onto a school playground in the Los Angeles area, leaving 20 students and several adults with minor injuries.

  • Trump trial likely to begin next Tuesday

    The Senate impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump is likely to begin in seven days with key players sworn in later this week, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday.

  • US sends home 21 Saudi trainees

    The United States will send home 21 Saudi military trainees after an investigation into the “jihadist” killing of three American sailors last month, the Justice Department announced Monday.

  • Trump considering visit to India next month

    US President Donald Trump is considering visiting India next month, for what would be his first visit to the world’s largest democracy since he took office three years ago, sources with knowledge of the matter said yesterday.

  • Planes brought down by missiles since 1973

    July 17, 2014: Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 is shot down over rebel-held eastern Ukraine en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam.

  • Trump sends N Korea’s Kim birthday wishes

    US President Donald Trump wished North Korea’s Kim Jong Un a happy birthday, Seoul said yesterday -- with nuclear talks deadlocked and six years after former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman serenaded Pyongyang’s leader.

  • ‘Designed by clowns’

    Boeing’s 737 MAX plane is “designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys”, a company employee wrote in one of a trove of newly published internal messages.

  • House votes to rein in Trump

    US lawmakers concerned about rushing to war with Iran adopted a measure Thursday aimed at reining in President Donald Trump’s ability to take military action against the Islamic republic.

  • US lawmakers set vote to curb Trump’s war powers

    Trump administration officials failed to convince Democratic US lawmakers, and some Republicans, on Wednesday that an imminent threat had justified the killing of a top Iranian military commander, and congressional Democrats scheduled a vote on legislation to rein in the president’s ability to wage war.

  • Facebook exec says it helped put Trump in White House

    A senior Facebook executive on Tuesday said the world’s biggest social network unintentionally helped put Donald Trump in the White House but warned against dramatic rule changes.

  • Bolton ‘to testify’

    Former White House national security advisor John Bolton, in a surprise announcement, said Monday that he is willing to testify if subpoenaed in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

  • Harvey Weinstein hit with new sex crimes charges

    Harvey Weinstein was hit with new sex crimes charges in Los Angeles on Monday just as his high-profile trial in a separate case opened in New York, kicking off proceedings key to the #MeToo movement.

  • Zarif denied visa for UN summit

    The United States has denied a visa to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that would have allowed him to attend a United Nations Security Council meeting in New York on Thursday, a US official said. Under the 1947 UN “headquarters agreement,” the United States is generally required to allow access to the United Nations for foreign diplomats.

  • Weinstein sex crimes trial set to open

    Harvey Weinstein’s high-profile sex crimes trial opened yesterday, more than two years after a slew of allegations against the once-mighty Hollywood producer triggered the #MeToo movement that led to the downfall of dozens of powerful men.

  • ‘Real likelihood’ Iran will try to hit US troops: Pompeo

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday that Iran will probably try to attack American troops after a US strike killed a top Iranian commander.

  • Twitter, FB target state-linked accounts made to manipulate

    Facebook and Twitter on Friday said they had blocked multiple government-backed manipulation operations around the world, several of which favored US President Donald Trump, as part of a crackdown on state-sponsored propaganda efforts.

  • A chronology from phone call to impeachment

    Here is a chronology of events leading to the impeachment of US President Donald Trump in the US House of Representatives. The matter now moves to a Senate trial to determine whether he will be removed from office, an unlikely event given that the chamber is controlled by his fellow Republicans.

  • Trump impeached for abuse of power

    US President Donald Trump has been impeached for abuse of power in a historic vote in the House of Representatives, setting up a Senate trial on removing him from office after three turbulent years.

  • November 2019 2nd hottest on record: US

    Last month was the second hottest November in the 140-year global climate record, a US government agency said Monday, adding that polar sea ice also shrank to near-record lows.

  • Trump popularity edges up during impeachment

    Strong economic figures have helped US President Donald Trump to his highest approval ratings ever, despite impeachment, a new poll found Monday.

  • Rich nations must do more

    UN chief Antonio Guterres called on countries to take joint responsibility for caring for a surging number of displaced people as he opened a global refugee summit in Geneva y.

  • US halts military training for Saudis

    The Pentagon announced Tuesday it was temporarily suspending operational training for Saudi military students in the United States following a shooting rampage last week by a Saudi air force officer.