Latin America

Latin America

Violence, destitution / Children fleeing LatAm in record numbers: UN

A record number of children from Latin America and the Caribbean are leaving their homes in search of a better life, risking disease, injury and abuse, a United Nations children’s agency (Unicef) report said Wednesday, urging a stronger humanitarian response.

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Strong quake rattles Colombian capital

A strong earthquake followed by dozens of aftershocks rattled central Colombia and the capital Bogota on Thursday, setting off sirens and sparking brief panic, including in one woman who died after jumping from a building, authorities said.

‘Mother Nature needs money’

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva urged wealthy nations Wednesday to fulfill their unkept promises to fund developing countries’ fight against climate change, at a summit on saving the world’s tropical forests.

Migrant crisis / 4 Nigerians survived 14 days on a ship’s rudder

On their tenth day at sea, the four Nigerian stowaways crossing the Atlantic in a tiny space above the rudder of a cargo ship ran out of food and drink.

8 killed in Brazil silo blast, 11 injured

Eight people were killed and 11 injured in a series of silo explosions at the site of an agricultural cooperative in Brazil's southern Parana state, authorities said Thursday

Brazil court reaches majority to bar Bolsonaro from politics for 8 years

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's political career evaporated on Friday as a majority of federal electoral court (TSE) justices voted to bar him from public office until 2030 for his conduct during last year's fraught election

Bolsonaro's political hopes wither as key judge votes to bar him from office

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was staring into the political abyss on Tuesday when a federal electoral court (TSE) justice voted to bar him from office until 2030 for anti-democratic abuse of power during last year's fraught election

Peru health minister resigns over dengue crisis

Peru's health minister resigned Thursday following criticism over her handling of a dengue crisis that has left at least 248 people dead and around 147,000 infected, a presidential statement said..Peruvian President Dina Boluarte accepted Rosa Gutierrez's resignation and vowed to "redouble

Massive power cut plunges Argentina into dark for hours

Reports of the first outages came in from 4:00-5:00 pm, with traffic lights out of order and Buenos Aires metro stations in total darkness.

Brazil storm death toll rises to 57

The death toll from heavy rains that devastated coastal areas of Brazil’s southeastern Sao Paulo state have reached 57 people, official figures showed. Massive downpours have caused landslides and flooding in coastal towns of Brazil’s richest state since

Death toll from Brazil downpours rises to 46; more rain forecast

Massive rainfalls over the weekend have caused landslides and flooding in coastal towns in the southeast of the country. Almost 2,500 people are still displaced or homeless, the Sao Paulo state government said in a statement, adding that rescue work is ongoing

44 dead in Brazil heavy downpours

The death toll from heavy rains that devastated coastal areas of Brazil's southeastern Sao Paulo state rose to 44 people, according to a state government statement on Tuesday

Brazil flooding, landslides kill at least 36

TV and social media footage from the town of Sao Sebastiao showed entire neighborhoods under water, debris from hillside houses swept away by oozing earth, flooded highways and cars destroyed by fallen trees, among other damage

Machu Picchu reopens 25 days after Peru protests forced closure

The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, Peru's tourist jewel, reopened to visitors on Wednesday, 25 days after it closed due to demonstrations that have shaken the country since last December.

8 killed in northern Mexico bar shootout

Eight people died and five were injured in a shooting at a busy nightclub in the town of Jerez, in northern Mexico, police have said.

At least 25 die in Peru bus accident: police

At least 25 people died Saturday when a bus carrying 60 passengers plunged over a cliff in northwestern Peru, police said.

Brazil and Argentina discuss common currency

Brazil and Argentina aim for greater economic integration, including the development of a common currency, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Argentine leader Alberto Fernandez said in a joint article they penned.

Machu Picchu ordered closed as protests flare

Peruvian police arrested over 200 people accused of illegally entering the campus of a major Lima university, while authorities in Cusco shut the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu and the Inca trail as deadly anti-government protests spread nationwide.