Alberta declares state of emergency over wildfires

Alberta on Saturday declared a provincial state of emergency after tens of thousands of Albertans have been forced to evacuate their homes as "unprecedented" wildfires rage on in Alberta, Premier Danielle Smith, head of the ruling United Conservative Party (UCP) said at a press conference

Wildfires in Western Canada force thousands to flee

Thousands of people have been forced to flee wildfires in western Canada that were triggered by abnormally high temperatures, sometimes exceeding seasonal averages by 10°C (50°F) in early May, according to government reports

3 Bangladeshi students dead, 1 injured in Toronto road crash

The deceased were identified as Shahriar Khan, Angela Barai and Aryan Dipta while Kumar Nibir, son of singer Kumar Biswajit, was injured in the same incident. All four of them are students of Humber College

Xi spat with Trudeau lays bare China's frayed ties with Canada

Chinese President Xi Jinping scolded Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in an on-camera dressing down at the G20 summit, an unusual public spat that could further complicate strained relations between the countries..Video recorded by reporters at the Bali summit for world leaders on We

Canada to drop all Covid travel restrictions from October 1

Canada will drop all Covid-19 restrictions for travelers from October 1, including vaccination and masking requirements for flights and trains, the government said on Monday.

All-night shooting rampage in Vancouver leaves 2 dead

A gunman who roamed for hours through a sleeping Vancouver suburb shot four people early Monday, two of them fatally, as he opened fire at a casino, a center for the homeless and other locations before being killed by police, authorities said.

Canada court approves class action alleging Facebook ad discrimination

A Canadian court of appeal will allow a class action suit to be brought by social media users accusing Facebook of age, gender and race discrimination in online advertisements, the plaintiffs' lawyer said Wednesday..The class action could see the social media giant paying damages to thousa

Canada grants record permanent residency permits in 2022

Canada set an immigration record last year by granting more than 437,000 foreigners permanent residency, the government said on Tuesday, as it ramps up immigration to fight a tight labor market.

Canada bans most foreigners from buying homes

A ban on foreigners buying residential property in Canada took effect on Sunday, aiming to make more homes available to locals facing a housing crunch.

4 dead, dozens injured as bus rolls over in Canada

Four people have died and dozens more were injured after a passenger bus rolled over in western Canada, with authorities saying Sunday that icy roads were likely the cause..The accident occurred Saturday evening on a highway some 330 kilometers (200 miles) east of Vancouver in an area of B

8 Canadian teenage girls charged with elderly man’s murder

Eight teenage girls have been charged with murder in the stabbing death of an elderly man in Toronto, Canadian officials said Tuesday.

Rich nations oppose new biodiversity fund

Creating a new global fund for biodiversity -- a core demand of developing countries at UN talks in Montreal -- “would take years” and be less effective than reforming existing financial mechanisms, Canada’s environment minister said Tuesday.

British Columbia in Canada to decriminalise some drugs to tackle abuse

Canada will temporarily decriminalise the possession of some illegal drugs like cocaine, MDMA and opioids for personal use by adults in British Columbia (B.C.) to help tackle a burgeoning drug abuse problem in the province, the government said on Tuesday.

Canada's new law would freeze importing, buying or selling handguns

Canada's government introduced legislation Monday to implement a "national freeze" on the sale and purchase of handguns as part of a gun control package that would also limit magazine capacities and ban some toys that look like guns.

Toronto police kills suspect carrying gun near school

Toronto police shot and killed a man who was walking down a street carrying a gun in a city neighborhood on Thursday afternoon, an incident that prompted five nearby schools to be placed under precautionary lockdowns, city officials said.

Extreme intoxication can be defence in homicide, sexual assault: Canada's Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada on Friday ruled that defendants accused of violent crimes such as homicide and sexual assault can use self-induced extreme intoxication as a defense, striking down a federal law supported by women's advocacy groups.