Docu on Rab

Protest held in front of DW office in Berlin

Two protest rallies and human chains were organised in front of the Deutsche Welle, Berlin office by "Bangladesh Civil Society in Europe" and "Germany Awami League" respectively on Monday.

The rally was attended by expatriate Bangladeshis from various cities in Germany including many European countries, reads a press release.

Pointing out DW's recent documentary titled "How Elite Forces Rab Terrorize the People of Bangladesh", they said, "The documentary contains many controversial issues, misinformation and contradictions, which are against Deutsche Welle's fundamental principles."

They termed the DW report "very biased, based on vested interest of some actors". They claimed that the DW needs to follow a holistic approach for their report.

"We believe that this is an ill-politically motivated documentary based on a few outdated issues which were either resolved or on the process of resolution," reads the press release.

Civil Society in Europe also said that legal action will be taken if the conspiracy against Bangladesh by DW Bangla Department is not stopped immediately.

In another rally in front of the Berlin office of Deutsche Welle, Germany Awami League leaders said that hatred was being spread against Bangladesh and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by the recent programmes of the Bangla section of Deutsche Welle.

Some of the people working in this state-owned institution, funded by the German people's taxes, are promoting their own political ideologies and opinions through Deutsche Welle.

"DW Bangla Division is continuously producing many negative reports. We think that this is an attempt to undermine the image of the current Bangladesh government," it added.

Germany Awami League President Mizanur Rahman Khan said that it is very sad that without following the rules, a renowned media of a democratic country like Germany, has been spreading hatred against Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Noori Khan, a leader of Germany AL, said, "We Bangladeshis, who have been living in Germany for a long time, have never seen such an anti-Bangladesh plot of the DW Bangla division before."