Ferrari themed weekend posts from Die-cast Car Collectors' Club Bangladesh (DCCCB)

Old school castings by Matchbox with spring loaded wheels. Photo: Sakiul Ahsan Poppy
Photo: Farhan Ahmed
Blue can be a Ferrari color just as cool as red. Photo: Sami Murshed
Ferrari Daytona by Taimur Ali. Quite possibly the coolest of the entire bunch because of the insane levels of detail. This Kyosho built model features engine wiring, hood clips and so much more tiny details.
Taimur Ali's Kyosho 1:18 Daytona is replete with impressive details. Seatbelts? Hell yeah.
Uncage that beast. LaFerrari from Hotwheels. Photo: Ucchash Marzan Hossain
Sami Murshed's 348ts. This led to the F355 which is undoubtedly one of the best Ferrari's ever made.
A dozen red Ferraris is better than any silly dozen red roses. Brand and scale:Bburago 1:43. Photo: Kaiser Chowdhury
Afsana Newaz's collection of Hotwheels 1:64 scale sunshine.
An early 80's casting, this Matchbox Ferrari 308 is a fully restored childhood toy. Photo: Rubab Momen
This 599GTO is a Kyosho 1:64 scale with lovely detailing absent on the Hotwheels version. Photo: Ahmad Maeruf
Rubab Momen brought in some unusual Ferrari's from the past. This 246 is a faithful scale replica of a Formula 1 racer from 1966
Atif Rahman's trio of modern blood red Ferraris from Hotwheels.
This guy has most of the color variations of most Hotwheels. As evidenced by this fleet of 458 Italias. Photo: Sakiul Ahsan Poppy
What's that? Rubber wheels on Hotwheels are called Real Riders. That and additional detailing like lights, badges and a metal base. Photo: Sami Murshed
Sakiul Ahsan Poppy specializes in collecting only 1:64. But 1:18 beauties like these mean he can't resist occasionally going the big route. From top left to right: Enzo, F50 and F40
Classic racecars were more varied and beautiful than today's generic offerings. Photo: Rubab Momen
How many Ferrari's can a lady have? apparently not enough. Photo: Afsana Newaz
25 year old Matchbox Testarossa, owned by Ridwan Azim Choudhury
Stallone approves scale model prancing horse showcase