Science and Environment

An employee of Japan's electronics giant NEC demonstrates the "ARmKeypad" virtual keyboard at NEC's advanced technology fair in Tokyo on November 11, 2015. The system is composed of smartglasses and a smartwatch to display a virtual keyboard using augmented reality technology. Photo: AFP
Avenue du Chateau Defence Committee member Maria Olga Bosse sits on a branch of a bicentennial tree during a protest against the uprooting of a hundred trees to build a car park in Meudon, Paris' suburb, on November 10, 2015. Photo: AFP
A handout picture released by HIP. INSTITUTE on behalf of Faculty of Engineering and Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities on November 10, 2015 shows engineers taking part in the "ScanPyramids" project using infrared thermography to try to map out the temperature of the walls of the pyramids in Giza on the outskirts of Cairo. Photo: AFP
An illustration made in Paris on November 8, 2015 shows a deflated Earth globe. Earth has heated up by one degree Celsius (1.6 degrees Fahrenheit), Britain's weather office said on November 9, as greenhouse gases hit record levels just weeks before a crucial climate summit in Paris, which runs from November 30 to December 11. Photo: AFP
This picture taken on November 9, 2015 shows Japan's University of Tokyo researcher Tomoyuki Yokota displaying an ultra-thin flexible thermal sensor on a plastic film at the laboratory of professor Takao Someya of the University of Tokyo. Someya and his team developed a thermal sensor that can be attached directly to the skin, potentially useful in monitoring the health of infants or even making sportswear more comfortable. The group said that the device, embedded in an ultra-thin film, can measure target temperatures between 25 and 50 degrees Celsius, a range that includes human body temperature. Photo: AFP
One of the amphitheatresof the Caral archaeological complex, in Supe-Peru on November 8, 2015. 5,000-year-old Caral is South America's most ancient city, and had one of the oldest cultures in the world after Egypt and Mesopotamia. Photo: AFP
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