Styling the right way

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Dewy glowing skin with berry red lips are a classic yet always fresh look. Pair it with a simple blow out for an elegant easy-looking finish.
Shimmery eyes, coral lips and a fun fishtail braid, aren’t you ready for a night out on the town?
Carrying the same colour palette on the lips and nails are a great way to show attention to detail with a little bit of rebellion.
Deep pinks and matte powdery blues make for a great combo, and the possibilities are endless. There’s a right shade of blue and pinks for every skin tone too!
A neat trick for a balanced makeover is to match the eyes with one of the colours in your clothes, but a few shade lighter. Keeping the rest neutral rather than matching, and a tidy sidesweep can complete the look.
Curls are an accessory, not a style! Rock those locks without a care if you are blessed with them naturally. Keep all the attention on your crimped and curled hair by opting for a shimmery but nude or bronze palette for the makeup.
Pink is lush, pretty, classy and timeless! Confidently use various shades in the elements of your outfit and final outlook.
Shades of brown from russet to tawny and copper, all suit Bengali skin tones very well. A peppy fringe with a high ponytail puts just enough excitement into a getup, such that browns and nudes become a safe and chic choice for the makeup. Think hangout with friends, or a casual date.
Fashion rules are meant to be broken, as long as the end result is great anyway. Silver shimmery eyes, and full bold lip in shimmering copper breaks all the rules in a brilliant way. The messy up do is a bonus nod to the gorgeous rule-breaker.
Pink is the girly girl’s best friend. When the mood strikes to be and look subtle, sweet and delicate, powder and baby pinks are your best bet.
Some days demand drama, and it is better to create on the face rather than in life! Glittery green eyes, and shiny purple lips may not sound cool, but they really do look great together.
To hold the ocean in your eyes is to be born with deep, clear and dark ones. For the rest of us there is ocean blue eyeshadow. Pair with soft feminine pink to complement your own versatility.
Soft browns, beiges and earthy shades can all beautifully come together on our Bangladeshi skins, but be sure to up the ante with a full bold lip chocolate or walnut. It looks as delicious as those things taste.