Today's Gallery ((2023.06.16)

People queue up behind a truck of TCB to buy essentials like rice, lentil, and edible oil at reasonable prices at Sahapur Thukra Bazar of Khulna’s Dumuria yesterday. Many travelled 4km to 5km to reach there way before the truck arrived. Food inflation, caused by global supply disruptions and economic slow down, the war in Ukraine, and market manipulation by some unscrupulous traders, has forced many to depend on TCB outlets. Photo: Habibur Rahman
PIRATES UNDERSEA: A red lionfish spotted in the Bay of Bengal in Saint Martin’s Island. Native to the Indo-pacific region, the fish have made their way across the world, for which they are now considered invasive species. They are popular for their maroon, white or black stripes, intricate fins, and venomous spiky extensions. As they are fascinating to look at, they can be found in aquariums and even people’s homes in some places. However, a sting from one of their spikes can land one in the hospital within hours. A slow-moving ambush hunter, red lionfish feed on smaller fish, invertebrates, and molluscs, and have a few natural predators due to the threat of their venomous spikes. Slowly invading seas across the world, the red lionfish is one of the two most popular of all 12 lionfish species. Photo: Star
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