Today's Gallery (2023.05.26)

Lack of dredging and dumping of waste over the years have turned the Louhajang river in Tangail into a bush of shrubs. The river in many places has narrowed and lost navigability. The photo was taken in Tangail Stadium area on Saturday. Photo: Mirza Shakil
A woman buys rice from an OMS truck in Khulna city’s Sheikh Para yesterday. Inset, women line up under the scorching sun to buy the staple at subsidised price. They had to wait for about three hours before being able to buy a maximum of five kg rice at Tk 30 per kg. Photo: Habibur Rahman
Photo: Habibur Rahman
JELLIES OF THE BAY: A river jelly, or Acromitus flagellates, in the Bay of Bengal at Saint Martin’s Island. Found mainly in brackish waters like mangroves, estuaries or coasts, these jellies aren’t as harmful to humans as many others. The swarming of Acromitus flagellates occurs with the changes in the environment like habitat deterioration, overfishing, deep sea trawling, coastal pollution and climate change. So, swarms of jellyfish in a particular area isn’t as a good a sign as you would think – it means we are destroying the environment there. Since they feed off zooplankton and ichtyoplankton, once they swarm, they can disturb the food web. However, according to research, their venom has shown anti-proliferative properties, confirming that it could be used for anti-cancer drug development in the future. PHOTO: SHARIF SARWAR
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