Today's Gallery (2023.05.19)

Lipi Akhter cooking under the open sky in the exact spot her house stood even a few days ago, before it was devoured by the Jamuna on Sunday. Frequent river erosion in Tangail’s Nagarpur upazila is having a profound impact on locals living on the banks. The photo was taken recently. PHOTO: PALASH KHAN
ONE FOR ALL … A chestnut-tailed starling eating fruits from a tree in a village in Khulna. Once finished, she will drop the seed to the soil below. From there, another tree will grow to give shelter and food to many other animals. This is how animals and plants support each other, and in turn, support us. This nature quest is not about the bird but about the one of the biggest factors in the survival of all. From releasing oxygen to and reducing CO2 from the air to storing water, and providing food and shade, the importance of trees knows no bounds but they often have to be destroyed for building homes or making paper. The environment could only flourish if trees could be protected from further harm. They are, after all, sustainers of all life. PHOTO: HABIBUR RAHMAN
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Trucks are parked illegally in front of an under-construction Bus Rapid Transit station near Gazipur jail, hampering the construction work. The vehicles were waiting there yesterday to offload goods at nearby factories. Photo: Anisur Rahman
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