Today's Gallery (2023.03.27)

Pedestrians struggling to cross a footbridge at the Shishumela instersection in the capital’s Shyamoli area. As the footbridge itself and the stairways leading up to it are both very narrow, it becomes rather chaotic when a lot of people, many of whom are patients of nearby hospitals, cross together. The photo was taken recently. PHOTO: PALASH KHAN
Bananas grown in Kaliganj upazila of Jhenaidah are known for their taste. The banana bunches kept near the local rail station will be shipped to different districts on freight trains and trucks. Each bunch sells for Tk 300-800, depending on the size and quality. Photo: Habibur Rahman
The once 150-meter-wide Shoilmari river in Khulna has been reduced to a narrow channel only 3-4 meters wide due to unabated encroachment, sand filling and unplanned development. When the tide is low, the navigability for boats is further reduced. As the authorities concerned remain indifferent, the important river now serves as a drainage system for many areas. Locals fear that if the river dries up completely, the region may become severely flood-prone. The photo was taken from the Batiaghata Bridge yesterday. PHOTO: HABIBUR RAHMAN