Today's Gallery (2023.03.17)

People conditioning the hull of a trawler with bitumen and fire in Majerghat area along the Bakkhali river in Cox’s Bazar town. Any vessel that stays in the sea for a long time gets infested with barnacles that cause drag and reduce the vessels efficiency. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Mokammel Shuvo
THE SHY ONE … A Bengal Slow Loris lives up to its Bangla name – lojjaboti banor (shy monkey) – after being spotted at Sylhet’s Patharia Hill Reserve Forest. These timid primates, native to the Indian subcontinent and the Indochina region, are not only nocturnal but they like to remain hidden away from sight unless it’s absolutely necessary (to find food, mates etc). As a matter of fact, when spotted, they tend to hide their faces with their hands. Evident from their English name, they are slow moving and are considered to be quite lazy. While they are generally harmless, these adorable primates can defend themselves with a venomous bite when needed. Arboreal creatures, the Bengal Slow Loris can be found in some forests in the country. However, due to deforestation and hunting, their numbers have been declining. As a result, the IUCN’s Red List has categorised them as endangered species. Photo: TIMU HOSSAIN
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