Today's Gallery (2023.03.10)

‘SCUSE ME, MA’AM! … A chestnut-tailed starling tries to grab the attention of another, who seems to be lost in its own thoughts! These birds are resident, or partially migratory, throughout India and much of Southeast Asia. Usually spotted in the upper canopies and leaves of trees, they prefer areas such as open forests, plantations, or cultivations. However, they do sometimes venture out into the concrete jungle, like these two taking a tour of Babar Road in the capital’s Mohammadpur. Like other species of starlings, they too are omnivorous – eating fruits, nectar and insects mostly. It is most fascinating to watch them fly together like a tight-knit family, often rapidly changing directions with exceptional synchrony. While the chestnut-tailed starling is in the “least concern” category of the IUCN’s Red List, deforestation, like for all birds, remains a threat to its population. PHOTO: MOSABBER HOSSAIN
Two rescuers at the scene of an explosion at the seven-storey building on North South Road yesterday. Dhaka South City Corporation has put up a banner on the structure declaring it risky and prohibiting people from entering it. The blast on Tuesday left at least 22 people dead and over 100 others injured. Photo: Prabir Das
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