Today's Gallery (2023.02.03)

WOMEN = CHEAP LABOUR? … Women picking Boro seedlings on a farmland in Kagdi village of Shariatpur’s Sadar upazila yesterday. According to locals, farmers assign women to do this work as it is cheaper. When a woman is assigned to pick seedlings, she is paid Tk 100 for every 100 fistfuls. However, when a man does the same work, he charges at least Tk 50 more. PHOTO: ZAHID HASAN RONY
STRAWBERRIES WITH WINGS … Perched on thin bamboo sticks, two male Strawberry Finches, also known as Red Avadavat or Laal Munia in Bangla, face away from each other, perhaps after an argument among themselves! These sparrow-sized birds, well known for their striking red plumage with specks of white, are found mainly in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan, but also occur in parts of China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. They usually prefer staying on open fields and grasslands. Known to be one of the sweetest songbirds, the males also take part in dancing rituals when trying to woo their female counterparts. Though the IUCN listed the birds in the “Least Concern” category, they are becoming increasingly uncommon in some parts of Southeast Asia, mainly due to the pet trade. Photo: TIMU HOSSAIN
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