Today's Gallery (2022.11.11)

With evenings getting slightly chillier every day, sports shops are putting up their badminton rackets on display. In high demand every winter, a racket can cost from Tk 250 to Tk 20,000 depending on quality. It won’t be long till shuttlecocks are seen zipping through air on every street. The photo was taken at the Kazir Dewri Outdoor Stadium in Chattogram yesterday. PHOTO: RAJIB RAIHAN
A PRIMATE’S PLIGHT … A Phayre’s Leaf Monkey, also known as Phayre’s Langur, all smiles as he hangs onto a tree in a forested area in Sylhet. While the primate is generally a happy-go-lucky one, its species is under severe threat due to habitat degradation and hunting. Locally sometimes referred to as “Choshma Bandor”, the monkey is indigenous to South and Southeast Asia, including Bangladesh, India and Myanmar. The animal often falls prey to illegal pet trade as well. With its number falling sharply, the IUCN has listed the Phayre’s Leaf Monkey as “critically endangered” in its Red List. Bangladesh has already lost 80 percent of the primate over three generations. PHOTO: ADNAN HOSSAIN
A passenger travelling in a bus with an arm outside the window. Such callousness may cause serious injuries. In 2018, a college student died as his right hand, which he dangled outside a bus, was severed after it got stuck between two buses in the capital’s Banglamotor area. The photo was taken near Sonargaon intersection yesterday. Photo: Palash Khan
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