Today's Gallery (2022.09.23)

FIGGIN’ AROUND ... An Irrawaddy squirrel spotted munching on a small-leaved fig in Sylhet city’s Munshipara area. The little rodent is native to Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar and Nepal and gets its name as those in Myanmar can mostly be found living in forested areas west of the Irrawaddy river. A species of tree squirrels, it prefers living in a number of types of forests. However, like most arboreal animals, the Irrawaddy squirrel is threatened by habitat loss as mindless felling of trees and deforestation is an ongoing issue. Once a common sight, squirrel numbers have been falling drastically and you now have to be lucky to spot one! PHOTO: SHEIKH NASIR
It’s not a wetland; it is actually the practice facility of the Fatullah Cricket Stadium in Narayanganj. The inside of the stadium is also in a sorry state due to a lack of maintenance. No matches have been held here in around two years. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Risking life, a man crossing a street over the median fence in Sylhet city’s Chowhatta area. The photo was taken in front of Alhamra Shopping Complex on Thursday. Photo: Sheikh Nasir
A hill being cut to build houses at Uttar Baluchar Jonaki in Sylhet city. Local law enforcers seem to turn a blind eye to this utter disregard for environment laws. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Sheikh Nasir