Today's Gallery (2022.09.19)

Despite it being illegal, posters of different organisations have been pasted on the pillars of the Moghbazar-Mouchak Flyover. Such activities spoil the beauty of the city. The photo was taken in Mouchak area on Friday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Jaywalkers wait in the middle of the road as an oil tanker passes by emitting black smoke at Azampur in the capital’s Uttara on Saturday. Rules being flouted by drivers and pedestrians alike have become a norm on the roads. Photo: Anisur Rahman
There are thousands of dead mangrove trees on Kotka beach of the Sundarbans in Bagerhat. Forest department officials say sand brought inlands during cyclones in recent years formed a very thick layer on the ground, causing the trees to die. Photo: Habibur Rahman