Today's Gallery (2022.09.14)

RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING… A school student smiles as she closes her eyes and lets the rain wash over her face in the capital’s Mirpur. She was on the way home from school when the opportunity to enjoy the rain presented itself. Photo: Firoz Ahmed
A truck overloaded with used cartons plying the Baizid-Faujdarhat link road in Chattogram, posing a danger to others on the road as well as to the truck’s occupants. A portion of the loosely-tied-together cargo is hanging over the side of the truck, which is tilted to one side as it is bearing much more than the weight it was designed to carry. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Rajib Raihan
Vehicles caught up in snarl-ups in the capital’s Satrasta intersection around 1:30pm yesterday. Incessant rains almost throughout the day aggravated the sufferings of the commuters who had to spend hours on gridlocked roads. Photo: Prabir Das