Today's Gallery (2022.06.10)

Bangladesh Army Stadium came alive yesterday when Arnob and his crew appeared on stage, making the day-long wait worth it for the thousands of people who stayed till midnight in a colourful fiesta of music. The night saw special performances from the sensational Coke Studio Bangla crew, as well as Nemesis, Band Lalon, Tahsan, Warfaze, and the show-stopper, Nagar Baul James. Coke Studio concert, despite its many roadblocks, was a resounding success owing to the sheer passion displayed by the fans. Photo: Sheikh Mehedi Morshed
HAPPY TOGETHER … A pair of Purple Swamphens seen soaring across the sky in Sunamganj’s Tanguar Haor recently. A species of the Swamphen Occurrin, these birds prefer staying in groups, in the company of their comrades. They are inhabitants of marshy, vegetated freshwater bodies such as swamps, rivers, and lakes. Even as bulky birds, they are gifted fliers and can take to the air whenever in the face of danger. PHOTO: MOSABBER HOSSAIN RIBON