Today's Gallery (2022.04.13)

The staffers of Water Development Board dropping sandbags in the Kangsha river to fix the Dubail dyke in Sunamganj’s Dharmapasha upazila that gave way to flooding. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Sheikh Nasir
Students of Fine Arts at Dhaka University are busy making preparations for the Mangal Shobhajatra, an essential part of the Pahela Baishakh celebrations in the city. The Bangla new year begins tomorrow. Photo: Prabir Das
Even though they are banned on the highways, battery-run rickshaws swarm the Dhaka-Aricha highway at Hemayetpur and that too going against traffic at speed. Such a practice puts lives at stake and creates bottlenecks on highways. Photo: Sk Enamul Haq
Slogging thru soot: With soot all over his body, a worker of an aluminium utensil factory in the capital’s Shyampur hurriedly utilises his 15-minute break to have one of the most basic meals, a chapati soaked in tea. A hard day’s work at the factory only fetches about Tk 400, with which it is hard to support a family and have a decent meal during the break. Photo: Anisur Rahman