Today's Gallery 2022.03.14)

A river ravaged : The pitch-black waters of the Shitalakkhya, right, and its distributary the Balu, left, bear witness to the unscrupulous dumping of untreated effluent from the upstream industrial plants in Narayanganj. Calls for stopping the pollution and potential threat to living organisms have fallen on deaf ears over the years. The photo was taken in Demra last week. Photo: amran hossain
Three students enjoy ice lollies from a vendor at a fair in Azimpur Government Officers’ Quarters in the capital yesterday. Even though such lollies taste amazing, especially as the mercury rises by the day, they are not always made with utmost attention to hygiene or standards. Photo: Amran Hossain
Many farmers in Hatkhola area of Sylhet have given into the temptation of selling the topsoil from their lands to brick kilns and real estate developers. As a result, the lands lose their fertility and cause poor crops. Photo: Sheikh Nasir