Today's Gallery (2022.01.28)

Thick layers of dust gather on impounded motorcycles kept under the capital’s Moghbazar flyover. These motorcycles, seized by law enforcers from different parts of the city, are left this way due to a lack of designated space for them. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Amran Hossain
Johura Khatun picks strawberries from her field in Dakhshin Borama village in Gazipur’s Sreepur upazila. Her family has been growing the fruit for the last 11 years, earning a good profit. Their success inspired many in their village to do the same. Photo: Abu Bakar Siddique Akand
With no other place to sleep, some rickshaw-van pullers set up their vehicles with mosquito nets and polythene sheets as covers to spend the night. In a city so expensive, this is the best they could arrange for their shelter. The photo was taken yesterday morning in the capital’s Shantinagar area. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Three black storks on a Padma char near Rajshahi city. This migratory bird mainly visits the chars of the Padma and the Jamuna in the country’s northern part in the winter. Photo: Zayed Imran Choudhury Sanim
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