Today's Gallery (2022.01.21)

Locals with their cattle crossing the Brahmaputra on foot as water level of the once mighty river has dropped drastically. Massive siltation is hampering the free flow of water. As boats cannot ply, people of the chars face difficulties going to the mainland. The photo was taken at Ramna Nau-Ghat of ​​Kurigram’s Chilmari on Wednesday. Photo: S Dilip Roy
Looking at this overcrowded bus, who would say the country is going through a third wave of Covid-19? Many of the passengers were not even wearing masks. Such disregard for health safety in public transport is all too common, increasing chances of the virus spreading further. The photo was taken in the capital’s Khamarbari area. Photo: Prabir Das
A verditer flycatcher spotted in Rangpur recently. It is named after its shade of blue and is among flycatchers that forage above canopy level, on electric wires or exposed tree top branches. Photo: Sumaiya Sultana
As a student falls sick, others tend to her during the second day of their hunger strike demanding Sust VC Farid Uddin Ahmed’s resignation yesterday. Fourteen of the protesters were put on saline drips. Five of them were later hospitalised. Photo: Sheikh Nasir
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