Today's Gallery (2021.11.26)

A navy personnel giving a mask to a Rohingya child before the child boards a ship in Chattogram city’s Boat Club area to go to Bhasan Char yesterday. This time, 384 refugees have been relocated to the island in Noakhali’s Hatiya from Cox’s Bazar. They started for the island around noon and reached there around 3:00pm. Photo: Rajib Raihan
This section of Minto Road, right outside Ramna Park, is almost always busy. But for a section so important for the city, it’s subjected to traffic violations of all kinds, from indiscriminate parking, to running vehicles down the wrong way, to even parking on the pavement, as pictured here. Photo: Rashed Shumon
A leopard cub, a large animal of the cat family, spotted in the Sundarbans’ Karamjal area recently. Though this species is in least concern list by IUCN, its number is decreasing in our country due to loss of habitat and killing by people. Photo: Courtesy of Mohiul Islam
Boatmen waiting for passengers on the banks of the Buriganga in the capital’s Keraniganj area. While the High Court has passed many orders for the protection of the country’s rivers, the Buriganga continues to be a victim of pollution as dyeing factories in the area dump their toxic wastes right into the river. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Amran Hossain