Today's Gallery (2021.11.25)

Mostly children and teens have a day of fun catching fish with their bare hands in a canal in Baliarpur of Savar yesterday. With the onset of winter, rivers, canals, lakes and ponds have started drying up across the country and festive scenes like this have become common. Photo: Palash Khan
Workers under the banner of non-government jute, thread, garment workers-employees federation go on hunger strike in front of the gate of Shiromoni Mohsen Jute Mills in Khulna yesterday to press home their five-point demand, including reopening of their factories. Photo: Habibur Rahman
Sleeping on the dividers of a busy street is risky as it is, but when there’s a toddler asleep right on its edge, the danger increases manifold. At any point, the child might move and fall onto the road, while vehicles of all kinds pass by at speed. This photo was taken recently from the capital’s Dhanmondi Road-2 area. Photo: Prabir Das
Riding on horse-carts is still popular in Old Dhaka. But plying the area’s bumpy roads can take a toll not only on the animals, but also on the vehicles. This means they require regular repairs, and yesterday, some mechanics were busy fixing shock absorbers of carts at Kamrangirchar. Photo: Rashed Shumon
After almost two years, the stress, anxiety, as well as excitement centring final examinations have returned to schools. Yesterday morning, the capital’s Willes Little Flower School was buzzing as guardians accompanied students for their tests. Photo: Anisur Rahman