Today's Gallery (2021.10.09)

A view of a construction site located in the capital’s Kaptan Bazar. As seen in the photo, virtually all of the area dug up for construction has become waterlogged following recent rainfall. Clean standing water such as this is a breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes, carriers of the dengue virus. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Carrying bags in his hands, a jaywalker crosses the central reservation on Dhaka-Mawa Expressway in the capital’s Postagola. Jaywalking often jeopardises people’s lives and disrupts the flow of traffic. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Vehicles queue up at Daulatdia Ferry Ghat in Rajbari’s Goalanda upazila yesterday. Hundreds of vehicles were seen stuck at ferry ghats on the Paturia-Daulatdia route throughout the day on the weekend as more people hit the road ahead of Durga Puja next week. Over 500 vehicles were waiting to board ferries at Daulatdia ghat around 12:30pm. Photo: Star
A tea stall in the capital’s Shyampur has put up a notice saying the price of a cup of tea has been fixed at Tk 7, an increase of Tk 2, as the prices of sugar and milk have gone up. Sugar now sells at Tk 90 a kg, up from Tk 75 about a month ago. The price of condensed milk has also soared to Tk 75 per 400gm can, an increase of Tk20 from a month ago. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman