Today's Gallery (2021.08.10)

Children dive into the water of a haor from an unoccupied vessel moored to the shore in Brahmangaon village of Brahmanbaria’s Sarail upazila yesterday, to get some relief from the hot and humid weather. Photo: Mashuk Hridoy
A group of people tied and trapped a freshwater crocodile in a water body, and brought it onto land in a village of Faridpur’s Sadar upazila yesterday afternoon. The Wildlife Conservation Management and Nature Conservation Division of Khulna were contacted to rescue the animal, said Mostakujjaman, chairman of North Channel Union Parishad. PHOTO: SUZIT KUMAR DAS
The Satchhari Tripura village in Habiganj’s Chunarughat is on the verge of giving into the river as every time there is heavy rain, the rush of water erodes parts of the village. For years, the 24 families of the village have been living under this threat but nothing has been done to protect them. The photo was taken recently. Photo:Mintu Deshwara
Waiting for hours in line to get their shots on the third day of the ongoing mass vaccination campaign, people complained about irregularities and chaos, adding that following health safety rules was impossible due to the heavy crowd. The photo was taken yesterday from Radda MCH-FP Center in Mirpur. photo: star