Today's Gallery (2021.06.12)

Climate activists hold up placards on either side of an inflated Pikachu doll, a character of popular Japanese media franchise “Pokemon”, in front of the National Press Club yesterday. With the G-7 summit starting yesterday, 20 young climate activists raised various demands in a joint venture between Bangladesh Foreign Debt Working Group and Youthnet for Climate Justice. Photo: Prabir Das
In her flooded home in Narayanganj city’s Adarshanagar area, a woman cooks sitting on a bench while the stove is placed on a taller bench. Due to poor drainage, only a few days of rain makes residents suffer a full-on flood. The water is about a metre deep in some parts of the neighbourhood. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo : Anisur Rahman
With her broken arm in a cast, an elderly woman lies on a dinghy on the Sandhya river while a younger woman holds an umbrella over her as they return from a hospital in Barishal city to their home in Banaripara. Photo: Titu Das
Along with commuters, sellers at the capital’s Karwan Bazar kitchen market are finding it hard to deal with the frequent rainy days. Rainwater filled the area again yesterday, forcing buyers to traverse the muddy mess to get their produce. And due to poor drainage, it remained like this for the remainder of the day. Photo: Anisur Rahman