Today's Gallery (2021.06.07)

Rickshaw-pullers in Chattogram city’s Muradpur area drag their vehicles in waist-deep water while behind them, other vehicles are poised on slightly higher ground, preparing to take the plunge. Photo: Collected
People discard bottles, containers, and polythene bags into the capital’s Shyampur canal, polluting the water and clogging the canal. Water stagnates and the canal becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos. Its cleanup and development work has been halted for a long time. The photo was taken on Saturday. Photo: Amran Hossain
The lower third of a bus in the Gate No-2 area is submerged as parts of the port city saw severe waterlogging during incessant rainfall yesterday. Photo: Collected
Trading Corporation of Bangladesh yesterday resumed its open-market truck sale of groceries in the capital, the first time sinse Eid. People queued up at selling points to buy essentials at a subsidised rate. The photo was taken from the Secretariat Link road. Photo: Prabir Das