Today's Gallery (2021.06.02)

A man wades through a flooded street in the capital’s Paschim Tejturibazar area yesterday morning. A downpour submerged many areas of the city, leaving people in trouble. The waterlogging caused traffic congestion in parts of the city. Photo: Prabir Das
A child enjoys her time on a swing hanging from a tree branch in Chattogram city’s CRB area. Children have spent much of their time indoors for months amid the pandemic. Psychologists say staying outside for some time each day can provide a boost to their state of mind. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Rajib Raihan
A big chunk of earth along Dhaka-Tangail highway was eroded by rain water yesterday, making this part of the road risky. The photo was taken in Ashekpur Bypass area of Tangail. Photo: Star
People die in landslides almost every year in Chattogram division but illegal houses keep sprouting on the hillslopes. The photo was taken in the district’s Bayezidnagar area. Photo: Rajib Raihan
This “two-storied” house stands on poles and a platform made out of bamboo, and its walls and roof are made of corrugated tin sheets that appear to be rusty and repurposed. A blatant violation of any housing safety guideline, this fragile, risky structure stands not on the outskirts of the capital but in the rather central Moghbazar area. The photo was taken yesterday. PHOTO: PALASH KHAN
Trees near Dhaka Medical College Hospital have recently bore bright green Java apples, popularly known in the country as jamrul. The fruits, which look like miniature upside-down pears and come in different colours, including red and white, are one of the many offerings of summer. PHOTO: Rashed Shumon