Today's Gallery (2021.04.09)

The grownups of a Phayre’s leaf monkey family taking care of the babies on the branch of a Silk Cotton tree at Satchhari National Park, Habiganj. The adults are black except for the white patch around the mouth and the white rings around their eyes. Their Bangla name is “choshma [glasses] bandor”. They are named in the IUCN Red List of endangered species, due to hunting and loss of habitat. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Asker Ibne Firoz
People crowd the Agrabad branch of Sonali Bank as banking hours have been reduced. Photo: Palash Khan/Rajib Raihan
As long-haul buses are not operating due to Covid-19 restrictions, people entering the capital had to get down in Amin Bazar and cross the Gabtoli bridge on foot before heading towards their destination in the city. Photo: Palash Khan/Rajib Raihan
Traders wait near Gabtoli with gallons of milk, struggling to find a means to transport their goods. They source cow’s milk from different upazilas around Dhaka and sell it inside the city, but the ongoing lockdown disrupted their usual mode of operation. This photo was taken yesterday. PHOTO: Palash Khan
Five passengers on a motorised rickshaw is a flagrant violation of traffic rules by itself, but it’s made all the more risky during the ongoing lockdown, where social distancing is a primary means to stop Covid-19’s spread. This photo was taken yesterday from Aminbazar. PHOTO: Palash Khan
WHERE’S YOUR MASK? ... Mohammadpur’s Tazul Islam was concerned about how many people plying the streets were not wearing masks at this crucial moment in the struggle against Covid-19. He decided to install a mannequin, complete with mask and an awareness message, in front of Satmasjid Super Market to drive the point home. However, five of the six people pictured near it are seen without a face covering, as has become a common sight in the capital. PHOTO: AMRAN HOSSAIN