Today's Gallery (2021.01.15)

CNG-run auto-rickshaws are parked while a bus stops to pick and drop off passengers at an intersection in Postagola flyover in the capital. The intersection is marked by yellow boxes meaning one can’t even stop there, let alone park. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Amran Hossain
A bluethroat spotted in a mustard field in north Keraniganj of Dhaka recently. This small, migratory bird usually lives in bushes and catches small insects from the ground. Photo: Courtesy of Asker Ibne Firoz
Trawlers, used for catching fish in the sea, is being made in Rasulpur area of Barisal city. Each of these boats could be as high as 50 feet and it takes months to built one. The photo was taken a couple of days ago. Photo: Titu Das
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