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Today's Gallery (2020.10.15)

a seized car

A car that was seized after an accident is kept on the road in front of Tejgaon Industrial Police Station, hampering traffic movement. Such vehicles, meant to be preserved at a separate place for legal reasons, are left to wear away around police stations. PHOTO: PRABIR DAS

a seized covered van

A seized covered van kept on the footpath near the station, blocking the path for pedestrians. PHOTO: PRABIR DAS

chandpur fishermen

A section of Chandpur fishermen on their boats, while others line the riverbank, during a gathering organised by the fisheries ministry in Matlab Uttar upazila’s Mohanpur area to spread awareness on hilsa conservation. PHOTO: COLLECTED

three rickshaw passengers

Three rickshaw passengers using a tarp to shield against the driving rain on the Dhaka University campus yesterday afternoon. While they are shielded from the rain, the absence of masks in the close confines under the tarp puts them at risk of coronavirus transmission. Photo: Rashed Shumon

a bus waiting shed

A bus-waiting shed on Asad Avenue stands badly damaged by the elements. Authorities seem least bothered about its upkeep though passengers complain about having to get wet in the rain while waiting for transport there. The photo was taken yesterday. PHOTO: PALASH KHAN