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Today's Gallery (2020.09.29)

block sonargaon intersection

Migrants seeking to go to Saudi Arabia block Sonargaon intersection on Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue near the office of Saudia yesterday, demanding air tickets. The protesters, who desperately want to join work in the KSA, demonstrated on the street for hours after 2:00pm. Photo: Amran Hossain

treatment for jaundice

A quack pouring water on a man’s head as part of his treatment for jaundice yesterday. The method is devoid of any scientific or medical evidence. A number of these so-called healers prey mostly on people of low-income group at the capital’s Dhalpur. Photo: Firoz Ahmed

using binoculars

Using binoculars, two tourists look towards Dawki town of India from the bordering area of Jaflong in Sylhet yesterday. A local, Nazrul Islam, said he used to earn Tk 700 to Tk 1,000 every day by renting out binoculars to tourists in Jaflong, but his income has reduced significantly since the pandemic struck. He, however, said tourists have started returning lately. Photo: Sheikh Nasir