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Today's Gallery (2020.09.25)

nature quest

A monkey carries its offspring on its back as it leisurely walks on the roof of a building in Sutrapur of Old Dhaka. The people of that part of the city have accepted monkeys as part of the neighbourhood and their lives. However, some say the number of the primates have dwindled due to scarcity of food. Photo: Anisur Rahman

lead acid batteries

Men taking apart used lead-acid batteries to recycle the parts at an unauthorised and temporary factory in Matuail on the outskirts of the capital. Such factories contribute to the reduction of pollutants in the environment but the business is largely market driven and unregulated. Photo: Palash Khan

bangali river

The Char Godagari Government Primary School is sinking into the Bangali river in Bogura’s Sariakandi upazila. It is only a matter of time before the school building completed in 2002 is devoured by the river that has been eroding its banks over the last four days. Photo: Mostafa Shabuj

rail workers installing a drain

Rail workers installing a drain between the lines near Malibagh Level Crossing in the capital yesterday. This section of the lines has been prone to waterlogging. Photo: Prabir Das

rupnagar slum

Rupnagar slum in the capital’s Mirpur, where a devastating blaze devoured around 400 shanties six months ago, is back to its old self. The same tin structures have been erected again, with faulty pipes and wires providing illegal gas and power lines, snaking its way into all homes. Authorities had formed a body to investigate the disaster, but looking at the present scenario, it’s evident that not enough has been done to prevent another tragedy like March 11. The photos were taken yesterday. PHOTO: Rashed Shumon

rupnagar slum

rupnagar slum

rupnagar slum

bangabandhu square monument

The water in the moat surrounding the Bangabandhu Square Monument in Gulistan is filled up to the brims by trash. Whereas an installation such as this one should make people feel glorious, there’s this depressing aura all around the monument. This photo was taken last week. PHOTO: PALASH KHAN