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Today's Gallery (2020.08.12)

relatives of deceased offer munajat

Relatives of deceased offer munajat after the burial of a Covid-19 patient at the Shaheed Buddhijibi Graveyard in the capital’s Rayerbazar. This block-8 of the graveyard has been designated for the burial of those who die from the virus. Families burying their loved ones are often joined in prayers by other families who go there to offer munajat for their Covid-19 victims, like as seen in this photo taken yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon

hand wash basins

Two hand wash basins lie abandoned in New Market area of Chattogram city. At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, the authorities had installed such hand washing facilities at different point of the port city to protect people from the coronavirus. Many of them, however, have come to such sorry state due to lack of maintenance. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Rajib Raihan

waterlilies on boats

Three men bind bundles of waterlilies on boats at Shapla Beel in Munshiganj’s Sirajdikhan upazila yesterday. They would sell the flowers, consumed as vegetables, to a wholesaler, not in picture, for Tk 8 a bundle. Photo: Amran Hossain

Newspaper hawkers

Newspaper hawkers and those affiliated with the industry in Chattogram are now dealing with a new financial burden on top of the ongoing one brought on by the pandemic. As publication of five local newspapers remains halted since July 29 centring a protest, their livelihood has taken a considerable hit. This photo was taken yesterday from the city’s GEC intersection. PHOTO: RAJIB RAIHAN

A Bengal tiger.

A Bengal tiger looks up, almost aware of its photo being taken, during a midday dip in the waterbody beside its cage at Mirpur zoo. With no crowds in the zoo for months, animals are spending a quiet but playful summer by themselves. PHOTO: FIROZ AHMED