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Today's Gallery (2020.06.06)

covid-19 testing

Exhausted after waiting for hours to give samples for Covid-19 testing, Abu Sayeed, a recently retired banker, sits between two ambulances outside Mugda General Hospital in the capital yesterday morning. He left the area around noon after failing to get the test done. Several clinics have denied him treatment for fever, cold, and diabetics saying he must prove he is coronavirus negative. Photo: Anisur Rahman

a memorial installation

Three children on the Dhaka University campus yesterday are seen amusing themselves by climbing into the vehicle in which filmmaker Tareque Masud and Mishuk Munier were travelling before a fatal road accident in 2011. The mangled vehicle forms part of a memorial installation assembled in 2015, dedicated to the memory of road accident victims but amid the coronavirus pandemic there is no one to look after it. Photo: Prabir Das

relatives of patients sleeping

Relatives of patients sleeping in close proximity under mosquito nets in the driveway of Dhaka Shishu Hospital at dawn yesterday. As part of measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, only mothers are allowed as attendants inside the hospital to maintain social distancing, but it has had the opposite effect outside the institution’s walls as this scene is repeated daily with 40-50 people crowding together. Photo: Anisur Rahman

birth defect called Amelia

AWARENESS... Opu, a man with a rare birth defect called Amelia that causes deformed limbs, used to beg for alms near Moghbazar, but for the last two months, has been stuck at home due to the pandemic. However, he says he has been fortunate enough to receive support from the solvent of society. As he plays ludo with his children to pass the time outside his slum residence near Moghbazar Wireless Gate area, he makes sure they are all wearing masks. Photo: Anisur Rahman