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Today's Gallery (2019.11.16)

winter vegetables

Farmers pluck spinach from a field in Munshiganj’s Aldi area yesterday. A large land area of the district has been brought under cultivation of early winter vegetables. Growers are expecting to make a good profit from their yields. Photo: Anisur Rahman

photo of the day

Sitting side by side, a group of Santal women put stones on track at Moghbazar to form the trackbed. They said a contractor brought around 40 of them from Niamatpur of Naogaon to Dhaka for the job. They are being paid Tk 500 per day. These women were mostly involved in farming back home and earned around Tk 300 per day but they took this opportunity for additional income. Duration of work on the 3km stretch of track is three months, and the women are staying in a makeshift shed beside it near FDC. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Anisur Rahman